PRESS RELEASE:  Contact –  Marquis Sharif Gen. Habib Nikabulin (Royal Minister of Home Affairs) In a solemn ceremony on 15 February 2012, at the Ascott Hotel (former Oakwood) function room, with seven Knights and one Illustrious Master of the Royal Order of Sulu & Sabah are installed from Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines by His Majesty Sultan Fuad A. Kiram I, the 35th Reigning Sultan of Sulu and Sabah.
The newly installed Knights are: Datuk Sir Ahmad Maphilindo Isa (Royal Cultural Ambassador to Malaysia); Datuk Sir Azhar bin Asfandi (Royal Deputy Cultural Ambassador to Malaysia); Datuk Sir Imam Prawoto from  Indonesia; and Illustrious Master Azman bin Sanusi of Malaysia. From the Philippines the installed Knights are: Marquis Datuk Sir Sharif Gen. Habib Nikabulin, MNLF; Viscount Datuk Sir Col. Abdulwalid Nizam Diosdado T. Valeroso, PNP; Baroness Lady Datin Dr. Angelica Abella; Datuk Katurunan Sir Hadji Walid Carbonell (Royal Minister of Public Affairs); Datuk Katurunan Sir Hadji Kamal Perfecto Pascua (Royal Ambassador & Economics Adviser) and Datuk Sir Julmunir Joe Aradani.
Other Knights installed before were: Datuk Sir Mari Alkatiri, former Prime Minister of East Timor; Datuk Sir Henry Muganwa Kajura, Uganda Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Public Services; Datuk Katurunan Sir Surya Darma Ali, Indonesian Minister of Religious Affairs; Datuk Katurunan Sir Panji Gumilang, Grand Chancellor Al Zaytun Islamic University Indonesia; Datuk Sir Husnan Bey Fananie, incoming Member of Indonesian Parliament; Datuk Sir Arif Sagran, East Timor’s Chairman of Commissioners of National Elections; Datuk Katurunan Sir Myr Agung Sidayu, Royal Deputy Foreign Minister from Indonesia; Datuk Sir Erik Espina, journalist, newspaper columnist and presenter TV8; Datuk Sir Alan Paguia, constitutional lawyer; Datuk Katurunan Sir Maj. Gen. Fortunato Abat, AFP Ret., Datuk Sir Gil Santos, President of Philippine Futuristics; and Datuk Sir Dr. George L. Wajackoyah, Kenya presidential candidate; and Datuk Sir Ali Tanjung, Indonesian lawyer and others.
The grant of knighthood is free as it is the achievements of the recipients that count as the reason of knighthood bestowal of honors and distinction as a Knight/ Datuk or Lady Datin of the Royal Order of Sulu & Sabah by the Sultan – HM Sultan Fuad A.
Kiram I.
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